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RuPay Debit Card

Dear Customer,

Welcome and congratulations for being a proud holder of RuPay Debit Card of District Co-operative Bank Ltd. Raebareli Your card can be used not only at ATMs of our bank but also at more than 2,00,000' ATMs of other banks displaying RuPay logo. The card can also be used POS terminals at Merchant Establishments displaying RuPay logo, shopping through merchant website and online payments under NPCI's industry payment program. Popularly known as plastic money, a Debit Card makes shopping a risk free and pleasant experience. Please note that PIN is mandatory for using your card at POS terminals of the Merchant Establishments. Before using the card, kindly go through the accompanying User Guide carefully and thoroughly.

Following are some vital steps reiterated from the User Guide which you must take for the safety of your card:

  1. Sign on the signature panel at the back of your card immediately using a non-erasable ball point pen.
  2. The PIN mailer will be sent to you in a separate sealed envelope. Memorize the PIN and destroy the mailer.
  3. Do not share your PIN with anyone and change it on first use of the card. Change your PIN, preferably every quarter.
  4. If you find the PIN mailer or the envelope in a tom condition, do not accept the same and contact the bank immediately.
  5. Do not keep the ATM/Debit card near the electronic items like Television, Refrigerator etc.
  6. On the back of the card there is seven digit number, the last three digit being the CVV number. For security reasons, Please erase / blacken the CVV number after remembering the same to avoid misuse.
  7. Please feel free to contact us on our Customer Care No. (0535) 2211821 in case you have any queries, complaints or suggestions.

Thank you for becoming our valuable customer and giving us the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to sharing a long-lasting relationship with you.