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Farm Machinery Loan



To purchase the agricultural mechanisation (tractor/ power tillers), the loan amount dispensation for farmers the minimum holding limit (for irrigated land) is determined as follows:-

Loan Amount Minimum Irrigation Limit
 Upto Rs 1.00 Lakh  One and a half Acre
 Upto Rs 1.50 Lakh  Two Acres
 Upto Rs 2.00 Lakh  Two and a half acres
 Upto Rs 2.50 Lakh  Three Acres
 Upto Rs 3.00 Lakh  Three and a half acres
 More than Rs 3.00 Lakh  Four Acres

However, twice the value of Loan amount incurred by farmer, the farming land is required to be kept as mortgage.


  • The beneficiary farmer will have to contribute 15% of the cost of agricultural machinery by private resources.

Interest Rate:

  • From Rs 25,000.00/- to Rs 2.00 Lakh - 10.50%
  • More than Rs 2.00 Lakh - 11.50%
  • Time limit for loan repayment for tractor will be 7 years and for power tiller will be 9 years.


  • The tractor / power tiller and other agricultural machine purchased from bank has to be hypothecated in favor of the bank and it will be provided with the land mortgage will be guaranteed by the two competent persons, the real estate of them should be equivalent of a loan.

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